Living Passionately with Evi Hui

In this episode, Evi sheds so much light on her love for design and how design is such a significant part of making great products and services. You'll have a chance to see that fulfillment and passion don't come from running your own business but that being entrepreneurial, curious and pro-active about doing what you love is key to living an extra-ordinary life.

Evi is currently a UX researcher, camper van builder, candle maker, and climber based in San Francisco. She’s originally from Toronto where she studied industrial design at OCAD University. She jumped on the digital design movement after graduating and has spent the last 8 years mastering her craft in user experience design and research. She’s worked in consulting for clients such as Airbnb, Sonos, and Visa. After her consulting days she joined a few startups including Uber and now she’s working on innovation in supply chain logistics at Flexport.

On weekends and evenings Evi is working on side projects. Most recently she’s been making hiking inspired candles as a fundraiser through is transporting personal protective equipment to COVID-19 healthcare workers.

Another one of her side projects is converting her van Rey Vantura into a camper van. She’s been working on Rey with her boyfriend since June 2019. Evi dreams to take Rey to Chile and Argentina for a van trip when Rey is fully built out including running water, sink, cabinets, and adventure gear storage.

On weekends, especially in the summer Evi likes to go outdoor rock climbing in some of the world's best climbing spots including Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Red Rocks, and Smith Rock. Although Evi loves to travel and wants to have more live abroad experiences, the west coast has felt like the most natural place to call home.

Here's a sneak peek:

The Full Interview:

Thank you Evi for your creativity, zest and passion. We look forward to catching up with you in a few years!

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