Inviting Ms.Change for Dinner ...

All we hear these days is how much change we can ‘expect’ and what people predict will happen post COVID-19.  

In the spectrum of opinions, we have on one side – “life will never be the same again” and on the other, “we’ll all go back to normal soon.” 

Which one do you find yourself in? 

Perhaps you’re somewhere in the middle. It might be naïve to believe we will just ‘go back’ to exactly how things used to be. 

It’s kind of like those fitness ads that promise to give you back your ‘pre-baby body’ after childbirth as if the physical changes of pregnancy ‘wreck’ our bodies and make them undesirable.  

Gals, there is no going back - you literally birthed a human. Instead, let’s take this beautiful opportunity to appreciate thechangeour bodies go through andwhat our body is capable of.

The same opportunity exists right now. Look around you and you'll see too much has changed - life won’t go back to what we considered 'normal'. We need to birth new ideas, new identities, new solutions, and new opportunities. 

Change is all around us. The difference is that there are changes we are comfortable with and changes we are uncomfortable with. 

Uncomfortable change comes from the uncertainty of not knowing what change will lead to, and whether you can control it. We get uncomfortable because we’re so driven to control outcomes that, supposedly, secure our livelihood. 

But you don’t have to control anything. Change will show you the way. Not knowing what will come of a situation is where the magic lies. Life’s mystery is often in the questions we ask ourselves – and not in the answers. Answersonlycreate a false sense of certainty. 

The certainty we seek is in ourselves – in the trust we have in our ability to respond and create. The less we trust in ourselves, the more we oppose change. 

Change is an opportunity to see what you are really capable of. It creates an opening, a window, in life for you to think, act, and be different so that you can bridge a divide. Figuratively speaking, without the window we don't get new, fresh air. 

By the way - change happens whether you want it or not. It’s a rule of life. So, by resisting change, you are essentially pushing against life – and that is exhausting.

We can resist death, losing our jobs, changing careers, growing older, getting white hair, and wrinkles but our resistance doesn’t stop them from happening.

This newsletter is an invitation to open up to the beautiful changes happening around you - similar to the changes our bodies undergo during pregnancy, our first menstruation, or menopause. 

Let’s be careful of our tendency to get stuck in the fear of change just because our mind makes it look like a dark tunnel. 

It’s easy for us to forget the times we’ve gone into a dark tunnel and come out stronger. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely survived many dark tunnels. And guess what - you’re still alive and thriving. You knew how to figure it out.

Instead of fearing change, invite it for dinner once in a while and ask it - what is it you want to teach me? What more can I do? How can I take more action or responsibility? What do I need to let go of, enjoy more of, etc.? 

Would you enjoy a life where you knew everything would be the same, day in and day out?

If you’re reading this – you likely wouldn’t.

So, learn to anticipate change, because trust us, your friend ‘Ms. Change’ is always in town. 

(and she's good company when you get to know her)


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