A Journey to Finding Your Voice with Lucy Nathanson

From the United Kingdom

Lucy's story is such a beautiful example of following our intuition. In this episode, she goes deep into her past and how the experiences from her childhood shaped where she is today.

Lucy is a Child Therapist specializing in an anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism (SM). Lucy's passion for helping children with SM was sparked almost a decade ago when she came across a child who hadn't spoken for the 2 years he had been at school.

She works with parents and children internationally and her mission is to help children worldwide overcome selective mutism, free themselves of anxiety, find their voice, and shine.

The Interview:

Thank you Lucy for your commitment to helping children and families, for your creativity and passion and your bursting energy and enthusiasm. We look forward to catching up with you in a few years!

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Youtube - Confident Children

P.S. We highly recommend checking out this beautiful mini video on Lucy's company Confident Children

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