Letting your Authenticity Shine with Sarah Janzen

From Toronto, Canada

In this episode, Sarah will shed so much light on the steps and decisions she's had to make to live a life with more intention. Starting her career in the Pharmaceutical industry, she climbed the corporate ladder quickly until she realized that the rest of her life wasn't where she wanted. From a tough decision to live her life by her values, she lands on the opportunity to help female entrepreneurs do better in their business to the thriving personal development company she and her husband run.

At her core Sarah is passionate about taking risks, challenging herself with new experiences, connecting with people and making businesses better. Sarah is a partner, along with her husband Chris, of The Ignition Company. Their company focuses on coaching and training for corporations and senior executives, personal development for professional men who have lost their career mojo, and also host and produce the podcast, The Ignition Show. Sarah works behind the scenes focusing on the business strategy, marketing and operations of their business. 

Here's a sneak preview:

Here's the full episode:

Thank you Sarah for your insight, vulnerability, and passion. We look forward to catching up with you in a few years!

To follow Sarah go to the links below. They have a fantastic podcast!

Instagram: @sarah.minielly.janzen

Linkedin: Sarah Janzen



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