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We're Lisbeth and Ivonne. International globetrotters, entrepreneurs, creative souls, and mindful thinkers. We believe in women and the power we can create together.  We love life and cherish our womanly nature. 
 We're a mother/daughter-in-law team and we're on a mission.


Welcome Home

We've declared ENOUGH is ENOUGH with feeling lost, unempowered, confused, and unauthentic. It's time to take the empowered woman inside of you out into the world. It's time you live a fierce, unapologetic life without the need for approval or labels.  It's time you discover the TRUTH. You were born to LIVE FULLY.


A life lived to the beat of your heart will ignite a passion so pure and instinctive it cannot be contained. For ages, women have been fighting for choices and rights so that you could LIVE these new freedoms and opportunities available to the 21st-century woman.  Around the world, our struggles may look different but our process is the same.


You MUST learn to drop the judgments and labels. Question broken beliefs and patterns that as women we pass on from generation to generation. We (Lisbeth and Ivonne) have started by breaking down barriers that exist between mothers & daughters-in-law. 

XOIA is an international community born to bring curated content and education for YOU to end unempowering beliefs and AWAKEN to your passion, creativity, intuition, and feminine power.

Our mission is to empower you to become the woman you were born to be.  

And along the way: 

  1. Change the way women interact with themselves and other women

  2. Create harmony with our male counterpart & humanity

  3. Give you permission to live how you choose 

  4. Pave the way for authentic & confident female leadership

  5. And, question female taboos & subjects that expand our mind 

It's okay not to be 'there' yet. We're human and life is an evolution but promise us you will not leave this world with the music still inside you.



Lisbeth Moneton

I was born in Denmark in 1958. Married to Pierre, have 2 sons and a beautiful grand-daughter.

I grew up in a family of shop owners and became one myself at 21 years old when I opened my first fashion shop in Denmark. I’ve always loved design, art, and fashion.

In 2006, we moved to Zurich where I started an online lifestyle products store and a pop-up shop called “Trend Room”. I did freelance photography and started a danish women’s networking group, called: “ Heksehyl”.  I was busy but I loved it.

In 2011, we moved to Papua New Guinea (PNG), north of Australia, as partners in a Balsa business. It was the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding from a humanitarian perspective. I had the chance to work closely with local women on women’s rights issues. During my time there, I developed social projects, amongst them playschools for the staff children. My time in PNG was profoundly rewarding.

Since 2015, we live in the beautiful South of France and I’ve started a new career as a painter. I love to work with colors and I get so much inspiration from living in this amazing part of the world.  Which brings us to 2020 and the birth of XOIA.


Ivonne  Moneton

I was born in Mexico and at the ripe age of 6 my family moved to Canada after the passing of my sister.  I feel like life really 'started' for me in January 2016 when I chose to design my own life because before that I did what was expected of me. I didn't know who I was ...

As a young girl, I dreamed of traveling - I had this gut feeling the world would show me who I was so, I mustered the courage to make a plan to travel for 1 year.  I was hungry to see how women around the world lived, spoke, expressed, and were inspired.  I was touched by the women I met because I could see myself in them. They were leaders, providers, hustlers, mothers, wives, and friends. Yet, few of these women embraced their brilliance confidently and I always wondered WHY!?

It was in this process that  I developed confidence in myself.  Traveling and entrepreneurship fueled my passion to discover the world and myself. It helped me find true love for myself and for the man I am proud to call my husband.


My vision is that this platform helps MILLIONS OF WOMEN believe and see the beauty in themselves.  That we break down old generational cycles and truly embrace our power as women.

Meet the Founders

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.”

- Maya Angelou


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